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How to Plan a Weekend Getaway

by Byron Hoffman
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Weekend getaways are the new version of a long break. Life gets so busy that taking two weeks off and fully switching off feels impossible. 

The world is so connected and demanding that leaving your life behind and turning your phone off longer than a weekend isn’t always feasible. 

Vacating for a weekend is a great way to take a break and reset your mind. A few days in the sun, exploring a city, or sitting in a spa might be what you need to bust your stress and give yourself some TLC. 

If you want to best prepare for a weekend getaway and maximize your few-day break, use these steps.

Understand What You Want From The Trip

Before you plan or book anything, it is best to understand what you want from a trip. 

You might need a break in the sun if you have had a hectic few months at work. Doing nothing and sitting by the pool might sound like heaven. Plan and book a sunny weekend getaway if that’s what you need. 

However, you might feel trapped in city life and want to spend time outdoors exploring nature. Hence, heading for a hiking weekend might be your ideal. 

Before going ahead, you need to decide what you want from a trip. It will be disappointing to waste time and money only to not feel fulfilled. 

Choose The Best Time To Go

The best time to go on a weekend trip comes down to two factors. 

First, you need to understand when the best weather will be for your activities and itinerary. Going somewhere during the winter isn’t the best idea if you want a weekend in the sunshine. Checking the local weather and choosing an appropriate month will guarantee you get the most from your trip.

Second, you need to choose the best time to go. There is no point going on a weekend away during a busy period at work. While you could do with a break from the stress, it is best to wait until after. Then, you can unwind and enjoy your time without worrying about work commitments.

Plan Based On Your Budget

There is no use in breaking the bank for a weekend away. While you might really need a break, being financially stable is more important if you have bills to pay. 

Saving for a trip is a wise idea, so it doesn’t significantly affect your monthly budget. Or, plan an affordable trip that won’t make you worry about money. 

Should you want to get away for a weekend on a small budget, consider going somewhere local. A local destination will be cheaper in transport, which can often be the most expensive part of a trip.

Pack According To The Local Weather

Packing weather-appropriate clothing is essential to feel comfortable on your trip. 

If you’re going to the beach, there’s no point in packing your winter jacket and boots. Swimming suits and sandals will be appropriate and ensure the most comfort. 

You might already know the types of items you will need to pack based on your chosen destination. However, check the local weather before you leave to make sure you can stay warm or cool enough.

Research The Activities and Plan An Itinerary

Those choosing a beach getaway might not require an itinerary. If you spend the weekend lying on the beach and hoping to do nothing but swim, bathe, and eat, an itinerary isn’t much use. 

However, an itinerary is key if you want to explore the local area. Research the local attractions and create an itinerary to ensure that you get to do everything you hoped for.

Pre-Plan Your Accommodation

If you want your weekend getaway to go as smoothly as possible, it is recommended that you pre-plan your accommodation. Turning up to the destination without accommodation booked can cause you to overspend (last-minute bookings are always more expensive) or not find anywhere to stay.

Booking Your Transport

Booking and planning your transport before your trip is fundamental for a smooth experience. 

Transport options are often cheaper when booked in advance, so it will help you save money. Plus, you can plan your itinerary based on your arrival and departure times. 

If you plan to use your car to travel, check its condition and fix anything before leaving. You won’t want to get stranded en route to your peaceful weekend away.

Be Flexible And Open To Surprises

Traveling can be full of surprises. You need to learn to be flexible so that surprises do not ruin your trip. 

Cancellations, queues, and overbooked activities can happen. Although you might travel during a quiet period, these instances do come up. Being flexible and open to changing your plans will guarantee that unexpected issues do not cause disaster. 

Aim To Take A Digital Detox

Taking a short break from daily life isn’t always enough time to fully unwind. Turning off your devices can enhance the feeling of calm and tranquility. 

You might be tempted to check your work emails or scroll aimlessly online, which can ruin the benefits of your trip. A digital detox is an excellent way to switch off from reality and enjoy proper R&R. 

If you cannot switch off your devices for the entire weekend, try a day or two. You might need to check in with family members, which is understandable. A short break from your devices is good enough if you want to feel calm and reset once you return to reality.

Pack A Camera

If you want to take pictures on your trip but have chosen to enjoy a digital detox, you might want to pack a camera. Using the excuse that you need to have your phone switched on to use a camera isn’t good enough. 

You can enjoy the best of both worlds if you turn your phone off, but bring a camera to capture your memories. 

Following these steps will guarantee you have the best weekend getaway and break away from reality. 

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