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How to Foster Creativity In Your Daily Life

by Elissa Solomon
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Creativity isn’t just for the artsy types, it’s a superpower for solving problems, shaking things up, and just making life more fun. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your daily routine or throw some fresh ideas into your work mix, getting those creative juices flowing is key. It’s about making the mundane magnificent and transforming everyday experiences into something extraordinary. Remember, everyone has a spark of creativity; it’s all about finding the right way to ignite it.

Create A ‘Wonder Journal’

Kick things off with a ‘Wonder Journal’. Every day, jot down anything that catches your eye or sparks a thought. Maybe it’s a quirky conversation you overhear, an interesting shadow, or even the odd way people line up for coffee. Looking back at these notes can spark awesome ideas. Steve Jobs once said, “creativity is just connecting things” (Entrepreneur, 2017). By collecting these little moments, you’re setting yourself up for some major lightbulb moments later. It’s like building your own personal library of inspiration, one observation at a time. This habit not only builds your creative muscle but also enhances your mindfulness and presence in everyday moments.

Theme Your Days

How about theming your days to keep things spicy? Call Monday’ Innovation Day’—brainstorm new ideas, shake up old routines. Wednesday? Let’s make it ‘Artist Day’. Grab those paints, write a poem, dance it out in your living room. Theme days help you make creativity a regular guest in your life, not just a rare visitor. It also gives you permission to experiment with new activities that you might otherwise overlook. Over time, these themed days can evolve into a rich routine that continually fosters personal growth and creativity.

Engage With Creative Minds

Rubbing elbows with creative people can do wonders. Hit up local clubs, workshops, or look into online forums where people are making and creating cool stuff. Swap ideas, soak up new vibes, and stretch your own creative muscles. Vygotsky was onto something when he talked about social learning (Structural Learning, 2022). When you surround yourself with innovative thinkers, their passion and ideas can’t help but rub off on you. This interaction not only fuels your creativity but also broadens your perspective and challenges your preconceived notions.

Restrict Yourself Intentionally

Sounds weird, right? But hear me out. Putting limits on what you can do can actually push your creativity to new heights. Dr. Seuss wrote ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ using only 50 different words after a bet (Politico, 2013). Try something similar—write a short story in 100 words, cook with only three ingredients, or draw with one color. Constraints can spark some seriously creative solutions. These self-imposed challenges force you to think outside the box and work with what you have, fostering innovation and resourcefulness that can apply across all areas of your life.

Change Your Environment

Switch up your surroundings to kickstart your brain. Work from a different spot, take a new route on your walk, or rearrange your workspace. Even small tweaks can lead to big bursts of inspiration. A new environment can unsettle your usual thought patterns and introduce a fresh perspective that might just lead to your next big idea. It’s not just about seeing new things; it’s about seeing things in new ways. So, the next time you feel stuck, step into a new café, visit a museum, or simply change the layout of your office. These shifts, though seemingly small, can dramatically alter how you perceive and engage with the world around you.

Embrace Boredom

Let yourself be bored for a change. A study by the University of Central Lancashire found that people who did a boring task before a creative one came up with better ideas (Harvard Business Review, 2014). When you’re bored, your mind wanders, and that’s prime time for creativity. In this quiet, your brain starts making connections it might otherwise ignore. This isn’t about wasting time; it’s about giving your mind the space to roam. You might find that some of your best ideas come from moments where you’re doing absolutely nothing at all. So next time, instead of reaching for your phone to scroll through social media during downtime, let your mind drift and see where it takes you.

Experiment With ‘Creative Destruction’

Sometimes, to create, we need to clear the deck. Write down an old idea, then rip it up. It’s freeing, and it can open up mental space for fresh, bold ideas. Businesses use this tactic to stay sharp, and you can too. Think of it as pruning your mental garden so that new ideas can flourish. Don’t be afraid to let go of past successes to make room for future innovations. This practice isn’t just about destroying; it’s about setting the stage for new creations. It’s a physical and symbolic gesture to signal to your brain that it’s time to move on and invent.

Set ‘Un-Goals’

Try setting ‘un-goals’. These are goals where you focus on enjoying the process, not just nailing an outcome. For example, instead of trying to write the best novel ever, aim to enjoy writing. It takes the pressure off and makes creating something a lot more fun. When your focus shifts from the outcome to the experience, you allow yourself more freedom to experiment and take risks. This approach can lead to unexpected discoveries and innovations that you might miss if you’re solely outcome-driven. Embracing the process fully often leads to results that surpass your original expectations. It’s about the journey, not just the destination.


Boosting your creativity doesn’t need to be a big project. Little tweaks in how you think, what you do, and how you do it can make a massive difference. By mixing some of these tips into your routine, you’re on your way to a more creative life. Every step you take to incorporate these strategies helps build a more creative mindset. Keep exploring, keep experimenting, and remember that each day offers a new opportunity to view the world through a creative lens. Creativity is within everyone’s reach; it’s just a matter of cultivating it with the right habits and attitudes. Remember, creativity gets stronger the more you use it. So keep pushing, keep exploring, and let your imagination run wild!

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